Impress with our bid book for your conference.
Increase the chance of your congress coming to Groningen!

You have the congress in mind, we know how best to get it to Groningen. Engage the Groningen Congress Bureau - free of charge and without obligation - to make a bid book that impresses and inspires. We are already convinced that Groningen is the ideal congress city - and we want to convince you and the international committee as well. With our bid book, we make the chance that your congress will actually come to Groningen as good as possible!

You would like to bring a congress to Groningen and know that a convincing bid book is needed, but you don't have enough time and knowledge to tackle this properly. 

It takes time and attention to show the city from its best side and all the advantages of Groningen as a congress city should be immediately visible. If you outsource the creation of a bid book - free of charge - to us, all you have to do is provide input about the congress you have in mind. We take care of the rest. As a result, you and the international committee will soon have a sophisticated and enthusiastic bid book. This makes getting a congress to Groningen a lot more fun and easier. And the chance of this actually happening become a lot better too! 

Groningen, the ideal congress city
Groningen is a beautiful, safe and atmospheric city, with its striking buildings, historic canals and compact city centre. Everything is within walking distance. The city is easily accessible, both by plane and by train. Groningen is particularly suitable for both small and large congresses and the price/quality ratio is very good compared to other cities.

Step-by-step plan

How do we work together on creating a bid book?

  • During a no-obligation appointment, we will discuss your ideal congress. What do you have in mind? How large should it be, which locations appeal to you, and do you want to have dinner with them, for example?

  • We take a detailed look at why Groningen in particular is the ideal city for this congress

  • We are happy to show you the congress possibilities during a free ‘site visit’. This means we visit all locations and acquaint ourselves with all of the possibilities

  • We take your input and preferences into account when creating your bid book

  • You send in the bid book and we keep in touch

  • Is the result known and will the congress actually come to Groningen? Fantastic! Then we cordially invite you to meet with us again, to see if we can support you in the execution of this congress

Did you know that

..we can also organise the preliminary research for your congress? If the international committee would like to see the city of Groningen, we can arrange a good hotel, a nice meeting room, dinner and possibly an excursion to experience the city.

..we also create bid books for other types of events? Think, for example, of a major sporting event or (inter)national election. 

What do you gain from collaborating with GCB?

  • An inspiring bid book that can convince an international board

  • Knowing that everything has been arranged very precisely

  • Our enthusiasm for Groningen as a congress city is reflected everywhere - especially in your bid book

  • Making optimal use of expertise and years of knowledge and experience

Why choose GCB?

  • We have all the necessary expertise, experience and tools

  • We love Groningen and know the city like the back of our hand. We can also show you around in the rest of the province!

  • We have the Erkend Congres Bureau (Recognised Congress Agency) hallmark

  • We uphold our agreements

  • We are sober, helpful and flexible. We set priorities, are solution oriented and go the extra mile

  • You remain in control, but you are relieved of the execution and worries

Groningen Congres Bureau

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