Stay in control, but leave the execution of your congress to specialised professionals. We relieve you of your worries, save you a lot of time, effort and costs and give you full confidence that everything surrounding your congress has been taken care of down to the last detail. So that all you have to do is be the radiant centrepiece of your own congress!

Want a valuable congress, but don’t have the time, expertise and tools?
We make your congress a reality!

Organising a congress costs a lot of time and effort. More work than you probably thought. You don't know where to start, don't have the right tools, and don't have experience in organising these kinds of large-scale events. What's more, your schedule is already filled with your regular activities. The congress itself is something to look forward to, but this way, the road to get there is not for you.

How nice would it be if you can continue to come up with ideas for the content, but can confidently outsource the implementation? If you can rely on recognised professionals, whose expertise is organising congresses? By handing over the execution of your congress to us, you save yourself a lot of time, effort and costs. And you also get to have full confidence that everything surrounding your congress has been taken care of down to the last detail - both in preparation and at the congress itself. That together, we realise what you want to achieve with your congress.

Step-by-step plan

How do we work together on the congress?

  • In a no-obligation meeting, you indicate what the congress should look like in general terms. What does the programme look like? Are speakers invited? Can abstracts be submitted? Should we offer dinner?

  • We will draw up a proposal of our services that includes all your wishes, so that we can get to work immediately after approval

  • We meet regularly to discuss progress and keep a finger on the pulse

  • While we deal with the practical organisation of the congress, you and the organising committee take care of the content of the programme. As soon as you have made first contact with invited speakers and potential sponsors, we will take over those contacts and concerns from you as well

  • We coordinate sponsorship contracts, manuals, the layout of the exhibition floor and necessary materials with the sponsor and the location

  • We put all information on the congress website and ensure that participants can register, book their hotel and pay

  • You can approach potential participants yourself, but we can also support you in the communication toward potential participants

  • Your congress participants can contact us with all their questions, we are your congress secretariat

  • We create an abstract module and process the received abstracts, so that you can review them online

  • We put hotel rooms in option, negotiate with the congress location(s) about, among other things, the rent, catering and technology

  • We handle all finances for you: from registration fees to location costs

  • During the congress itself, we ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that you, as the radiant centrepiece, can optimally enjoy your own congress

Did you know that

..we can also take care of your accreditation application? This saves you a lot of work and gives your congress a lot of added value for participants.

.. we can also only organise certrain parts of your congress, such as the dinner?

..we can help you with more than just congresses? We also get excited for company events, school reunions, sports events, symposia, gala dinners or other events.

What do you gain from collaborating with GCB?

  • An unburdened feeling

  • Overview in planning and budget

  • Making decisions yourself, outsourcing the implementation

  • Knowing that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail

  • Making optimal use of expertise and years of knowledge and experience

Why choose GCB?

  • We have all the necessary expertise, experience and tools

  • We love Groningen and know the city like the back of our hand. We can also show you around in the rest of the province!

  • We have the Erkend Congres Bureau (Recognised Congress Agency) hallmark

  • We uphold our agreements

  • We are sober, helpful and flexible. We set priorities, are solution oriented and go the extra mile

  • You remain in control, but you are relieved of the execution and worries

Groningen Congres Bureau

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