The certainty that all your participants have a nice and accessible hotel room.

Outsource the time-consuming task of hotel rooms for all your participants, speakers and organisation members. And experience how nice it is to know that this is properly taken care of. That's a lot less to worry about!

Many participants are coming to your congress, all of whom need their own place to sleep. You just have no idea how to guarantee a hotel room for all speakers, organisers and participants. You have no control over this, as arranging and maintaining contact with hotels and participants takes too much time and effort. 

You want to make sure all the people who come to your congress get a nice hotel room. That they stay in a neat hotel at a suitable level, close to the congress and easily accessible. And that all these people have a single point of contact. We will gladly take these worries and all this work off your hands. Groningen Congres Bureau works together with all hotels in the city, allowing us to keep a large number of rooms in option and offer fixed prices. Easily arranged!

Step-by-step plan


How do we work together in hotel mediation?
•    We estimate of the number of hotel rooms that will be needed for your congress
•   Together we select the most suitable hotels, which we then approach
•    We ensure that participants can book their hotel room directly via the congress site
•    We are the first point of contact for the hotels and participants
•    We make sure that hotels know who is paying on arrival and who has already paid online

What do you gain from collaborating with GCB?


•    An unburdened feeling 
•    The certainty that everyone who comes to your congress has a nice, easily accessible hotel room
•    Knowing that everything has been taken care of down to the last detail
•    A fixed point of contact for both the participants and the hotels
•    Making optimal use of expertise and years of knowledge and experience

Why choose GCB?


•    We have all the necessary expertise, experience and tools
•    We love Groningen and know the city like the back of our hand!
•    We have the Erkend Congres Bureau (Recognised Congress Agency) hallmark
•    We uphold our agreements
•    We are sober, helpful and flexible. We set priorities, are solution oriented and go the extra mile
•    You remain in control, but you are relieved of the execution and worries.

Groningen Congres Bureau

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