GCB and MartiniPlaza to intensify collaboration

Since its foundation in 1996, Stichting Groningen Congres Bureau has attracted thousands of international scientific congress attendees to town and country every year, generating more than twelve million euros in annual turnover for companies in the local and regional congress market. 
From a project fully subsidised by the local government, GCB has developed into a foundation that stands almost on its own two feet. RUG, UMCG and Hanze University of Applied Sciences have proven to be loyal partners in this.
Throughout this development, the supply industry has been increasingly involved and chain thinking has also developed further. Therefore, GCB is one of the initiators of GCA: Stichting Groningen Congres Alliantie (Groningen Congress Alliance Foundation). An initiative in which a wide range of (market) parties join forces to bring even more (business) conferences to town and country. 
GCB and MartiniPlaza are taking the next step by intensifying their collaboration. The aim here is to achieve synergy effects. These effects will be realised in terms of operating costs, market and public sector support and expanding the joint network. This will enable GCB to continue to provide added value to knowledge institutions and other clients in the future. 
Of course, GCB’s independence remains of paramount importance!

GCB Symposium 'The Assistants Future'

On Thursday 12 November 2020, in collaboration with secretary network SPiN, we organize an innovative edition of the GCB Symposium! The theme is 'The Assistants Future'. Your work is changing and that gives opportunities! How will you continue to deliver added value? And how do you make sure you are ready for the future? 

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