Get a taste of the atmosphere with an informal kick-off for your international congress, offered by Gezamenlijk Gastheerschap

Kick off your international congress with a short informal and free welcome reception. This is offered by the Gezamenlijk Gastheerschap: the Municipality of Groningen, the Province of Groningen and the University of Groningen. During the reception, an authoritative member of the Gezamenlijk Gastheerschap will tell you something about the city of Groningen, after which you can catch up with the participants of your congress with a snack and a drink. This makes for a great start to your congress! 

It is possible that your congress is the first time your participants meet each other. But how nice would it be if everyone got to know each other beforehand? To have an informal kick-off - free of charge for you - where the participants can get to know each other or catch up with something to eat and drink?  

With this welcome reception, we officially welcome you and all participants and other people involved in the congress to Groningen. We welcome you in the Academy Building, Town Hall or Provincial Hall with a snack and drink. A speaker from the Gezamenlijk Gastheerschap will tell you something about the city, after which you can find each other and create a nice atmosphere before your congress starts.

About your welcome reception


•    Lasts about an hour 
•    The snacks and drinks are offered to you
•    Takes place in the Academy Building (max. 300 guests), City Hall (max. 100 guests) or Provincial Hall (max. 150 guests)
•    You can indicate a preference for a speaker
•    You can also choose your congress location, in which case you will receive € 8.50 (incl. VAT) reimbursement per guest and you organise the welcome reception yourself
•    The welcome reception is offered free of charge from the Municipality of Groningen, the Province of Groningen and the University of Groningen

These are the speakers per location:


Academy Building

  • Ciska Wijmenga

  • Jouke de Vries

  • Hans Biemans

City Hall

  • Mayor

  • Alderman with relevant portfolio


Provincial Hall

  • Commissioner of the King

  • Representative with relevant portfolio


In order to qualify for the Gezamenlijk Gastheerschap compensation, your congress must meet certain conditions. For more information, please contact

What do you gain from collaborating with GCB?


•    An unburdened feeling  
•    Knowing that everything has been arranged very precisely
•    Making optimal use of expertise and years of knowledge and experience

Why choose GCB?


•    We have all the necessary expertise, experience and tools
•    We love Groningen and know the city like the back of our hand
•    We have the Erkend Congres Bureau (Recognised Congress Agency) hallmark
•    We uphold our agreements
•    We are sober, helpful and flexible. We set priorities, are solution oriented and go the extra mile
•    You remain in control, but you are relieved of the execution and worries

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